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The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is the first certified private sector organization in Sri Lanka to issue Certificates of Origin by a Gazette, Dec. 04 1925.

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What is a Certificate of Origin (CoO)?

A Certificate of Origin (CoO) is a vital international trade document required by businesses, banks and Customs officials to authenticate the origin of exported goods.

  • Non-preferential: Certifying that goods are not subject to any preferential conditions under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  • Preferential: Certifying that goods are eligible for reduced tariffs or exceptions when exported to countries under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which requires a CoO as a requirement for such exemptions Preferential certificates are especially important when Free Trade Agreements specifically require a CoO.

Why do I need a Certificate of Origin?

Certificates of Origin serve as a declaration by exporters that goods are obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country, thereby satisfying Customs or trade requirements of the importing country.

What are Certificates of Origin used for?

Certificates of Origin are requested by almost every country in the world for Customs clearance procedures, including trade statistics, sanctions, quota applications, anti-dumping administration and the application of preferential tariff treatments.

Why eCO is the way forward ?

  • More versatile and accessible than paper-based CoOs, enabling foreign authorities to authenticate documents online
  • Ensures significant savings in terms of costs and time, enabling customers to submit documents online 24x7 from any location, with secure certification issued within minutes
  • Reduces filing and physical storage requirements, whilst increasing security and accessibility
  • Enhances consistency of applications and data accuracy resulting in fewer rejections.
  • Reduces potential of fraud
  • Seamless application tracking and status notifications
  • Offers the convenience of direct links to banks and Customs, for clearance of Letters of credit and Customs clearance respectively.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce processes CoOs via

Paper-based /Manual Certificate of Origin (mCo) certified using Wet Stamp or Rubber Stamp at CoO Service Desk at the Chamber and

Online/ Electronic Certificate of Origin (eCo), applied for online i.e., electronically via the internet. Cerfied by using electronic/digital signature. After approval by the Chamber, the eCO can be printed by the exporter in their own premises with a printed stamp and signature of the Chamber on said document. A wet stamp is not required.

Our new eCO System allows;

  • Fully electronic submission through a web-based system for traders;
  • Customers can apply for, sign, stamp and receive back original electronic Certificates of Origin
  • Online verification and approval by the Chambers’ Officers;
  • SMS and Email notification for approval
  • Dashboard and reports that are built into the system;
  • CoO that can be printed on pre-printed or plain paper;
  • For Data Security, we provide QR code features;
  • Post Verification application that allows stakeholders to verify the authenticity of the CoO.


Required supporting documents to obtain a Certificate of Origin

    (Document confirming Origin of Other Countries)
    • “Certification of Country of Origin” form duly filled, stamped and signed by the applicant – Min. 02 (two) copies
    • “Form B: Self Declaration’’ stamped and signed by the applicant. – 01 (one) Copy
    • Copy of Business Registration (First-time submission only)
    • Import Custom Declaration (Import CUSDEC)
    • Export Custom Declaration (Export CUSDEC) Party Copy
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Certificate from Country of Import


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